Restaurant Style Salsa


(You can see my shadow on this picture as I hover over this chip just waiting to pop it in my mouth as soon as I click the picture. Patience is not one of my best virtues!)

If you know me well, you know I love Mexican food. Nine times out of ten if I get to pick the restaurant we are going to a Mexican place. I kind of feel about salsa like I do about salad dressing: homemade just tastes better. It does require a little bit of effort beyond opening a jar and dipping in your chip…but I swear it’s worth it! I found this recipe for restaurant style salsa on Pioneer Woman’s website. And it is just DELISH!!! And it doesn’t require fresh tomatoes so that’s good since it’s the middle of the winter in Virginia and what they call tomatoes at the grocery store just doesn’t pass muster. I’ve provided the link to the recipe instead of posting it here because I didn’t change anything about it (except I did add a little more salt and skipped the sugar. Oh, I also omitted the jalapeno because the Rotel made it hot enough for my tastes).

A note about this recipe: You will have to make nice with your food processor. I have had one since I got married and used to avoid any recipe that required me to use it. Lately, I’ve gotten a little bit better about getting it off the shelf. If you have a handheld immersion blender that would work well. That’s probably something I should put on my Christmas list (is anyone in my family reading this???)

Link to recipe:


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