Quick and Easy Pizza Crust and Finally the ANSWER to Making Perfect Pizzas!

So if you know us well, you know that we love to make homemade pizza. It just tastes so much better than the frozen or delivery stuff. But it’s kind of a process and trust me we do order our fair share of Dominos and Papa Johns!  Sometimes you just want to dip your crust in that fake buttery sauce, ya know?!

So for a while we were grilling our pizzas. This usually ended up in complete disaster. The crusts were often charred beyond recognition and getting the raw pizza dough with toppings onto the grill proved to be more than a challenge.

So then we tried grilling the pizzas on foil. UM NOPE.

So then we just bought special grilling pizza pans. Those work pretty well but it’s still easy to burn the crust.

So then we started using the grilling pizza pans in the oven. This works even better than grilling. Grilling pizza is cool but we just got really sick of eating burned crusts.

So then we got some pizzas from Homemade Pizza Co. They were yummy and they tell you to bake them on the parchment paper provided. Paper?? Really?? Guess what? The pizzas came out cooked perfectly and the crusts were crispy and not at all burned. I thought it must be a fluke and some proprietary parchment paper thing and that if I tried it myself I would likely start a kitchen fire with burned paper. But it worked!!! On Saturday, we made our own pizzas and baked them on parchment paper. Not only was it easy to transfer the pizzas right to the rack of the oven, the crusts were perfect. The best part is…wait for it….the clean up is a SNAP!! So important!!

So from now on, our preferred method will be to cook our pizzas on parchment paper in the oven at 450 degrees for 8-10 minutes.

Also, I found this recipe for pizza crust and it is what we used this weekend. I doubled this recipe to make 4 small pizzas and I used half bread flour and half whole wheat flour. I also just realized as I was re-reading the recipe that I forgot to put in the sugar and we didn’t miss it.


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