Don’t you guys love when someone posts one of those Facebook posts about a big announcement and then you have to wait until a later time to see what is going on. You wonder if they are pregnant or moving? Well I didn’t even want to plant the seed in your minds that I could be pregnant…so not going to happen. But I did want you to know what is going on with my business because so many of you have been so supportive and awesome. Here is an email I’m in the process of sending out to everyone. It’s going a bit slow b/c I’m trying to make sure I capture everyone. In the meantime, I thought I would also blast it to FB because then I know you all will see it.

So here is the email….and my big announcement. And I’m super super excited!!!


I just wanted to let you those of you who are my friends and/or who have been my awesome Wildtree customers know that I’m going to be taking a more casual role with the company. I’ll still be here if you need Wildtree, or if you want to host a party. I love the Wildtree products. I think they are the best and healthiest spices and marinades available and it’s always how I will feed my family.

I’m really excited because I’m launching a new business with Juice Plus. I’m not sure if you have ever heard of it before, but it’s awesome! It is just concentrated RAW fruits and vegetables in a chewable or capsule form. That’s it. It’s not a supplement. It has a food label. There is also a line of awesome bars and shakes that contain macronutrients and the Tower Garden (a vertical hydroponic fruit and vegetable growing system)

So why am I doing this?? Well…I started giving my kids Juice Plus about two years ago after Anders had the life threatening strep infection for which he was hospitalized. I was so scared because he was sick ALLLLLL the time and the doctors couldn’t really tell me why other than there was something going on with his immune system. So a few of my friends had their kids on Juice Plus and it has the added benefit of providing the nutrients of fruits and vegetables so if we eat pizza or chicken nuggets…they are still getting their daily dose of fruits and vegetables. 98% of people in this country do not get enough fruits and vegetables. It’s really hard to get 7-13 servings in a day!

So what happened? Well I didn’t really think much about it and then recently I was doing a vendor event with Wildtree and I ran into a former customer who was doing Juice Plus. I started to talk to her because I was so surprised to see her in direct sales because she has a very demanding full time career. She told me that her kids never get sick anymore and she just feels like she has to share this with everyone she knows. I had a big light bulb moment… OMG ANDERS HAS NOT BEEN SICK THIS YEAR!! He has missed one day of kindergarten and really I think he could have gone to school but I didn’t force it on that day. ONE DAY!!!!! First year in elementary school, I was gearing up for all the illnesses. I thought is this really from Juice Plus??? So I went home and started to do research because if I’m going to share anything with my friends and family it is going to be the BEST. Wow, you guys I was blown away. The amount of clinical research done on this product is just ridic! Most pharmaceuticals have like 2-3 studies done before they hit the market. Juice Plus is a “nutraceutical” (meaning not’s food) and there are over 30+ gold standard clinical research studies on it that can be found HERE.

The other awesome thing, is that if an adult buys the JP capsules for themselves (this is not just for kids…actually adults can benefit just as much because of the anti-inflammatory effects of the whole nutrients provided), they can enroll their kids in the Children’s Health Study and kids get their JP for free! The results from the study are amazing so far. You can read about the study and the amazing results for kids HERE but the cliffs notes version is that 60% of kids are missing less school and 96% were reaping a positive benefit of some kind. I’m definitely in that category of was less missed school (ONLY ONE DAY THIS YEAR!) and I also feel great knowing my kids are getting this nutrition every day so I don’t have to stress when they gag about eating broccoli (yes, that really happens. EVERY TIME!).

Ok so I’m obviously excited about this product. We’ve used it for 2 years before I’m bringing it to all of you. And I’ll leave you with one tidbit that really sunk in with me when I recently went to see Dr. Richard DuBois speak about Juice Plus (he is a doctor who helped set up the Infectious Disease Unit at the CDC)…he said “if you can swallow, you should take Juice Plus.” And I have to say that I agree with him. I try to do a lot of other things to make us healthy like eating organic and very little gluten…Juice Plus isn’t a magic bullet. But it’s one simple change that can make a big impact, and def has for us.

Please let me know if you have any questions. If I don’t know the answer because I’m new to this…I’ll find the answer for you.

Here is my website:  Juice Plus Website You can find info about Juice Plus capsules and chewable, the shakes and bars and the Tower Garden. Also, if you want to join my FB group to see more info let me know!


  1. Cameronne, I am SO happy for you! I have taken Juice Plus for 18 years and even convinced my oh-so-skeptical Randle to try it a few years ago because EVERY year he got the flu. I never get sick — no flu shots, no vitamins, just Juice Plus Trio every day. Folks don’t realize that vitamins are bound (frequently with a gluten) and your body cannot absorb most of I before it passes right on through. Better way: get your nutrition from actual nutrition! Juice Plus is the difference between what I should eat and what I do eat : ) And the effect is cumulative because I works at the cellular level. Can you tell I am a fan?

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