Balsamic Onion Pot Roast

I wasn’t really sure how this recipe was going to turn out. It didn’t have a ton of ingredients…but most importantly they were all ingredients I had in my fridge or freezer! So voila…a pot roast was born! I have to say this is the BEST pot roast recipe that I’ve ever used. And my kids gobbled it UP! Now my five year old keeps asking me if I’m going to “boil the steak” which is five-year old speak for put the meat in the crockpot. They just keep it real, y’all! If you don’t have a five-year old…you are missing out on all the truths. They will tell if you your breath smells or if you packed them the worst lunch ever because they do not like pita chips. But I digress…let’s get back to the beef. Ok so I loved this pot roast, kids ate and I’m making it again for company tomorrow. I like to make things when we are having people over that don’t require me to be rushing around the kitchen like a sweaty lunatic just as they are walking in the door. When you have company over, it is important to look like your house is always this clean, your kids are always in matching clean clothes and that you just threw a little something super tasty together for dinner and it was super easy.

You guys that was a test…if you have to trick your friends into thinking your house is always clean then you need to get new friends! I like to have friends that expect me in yoga pants with kid crap all over the place. If you are reading my little blog, you are probably one of those people!

So make this amazing pot roast and impress the heck out of who ever is lucky enough to have you cook for them!

Til next time…if Cam can cook then so can you! xoxo

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