Weeknight Roast: Kielbasa, Fennel, Potato, Onion & Broccoli

We ate this on a Sunday, but it’s so easy I feel confident that you could easily make it on a weeknight. 🙂 Before I share the recipe, I wanted to share a link to a list of organic foods that can be purchased at Costco. There are some sausages on this list that would … Continue reading

Easy Balsamic Vinaigrette

So about two weeks ago my little nursing baby was diagnosed with a milk protein intolerance. I won’t go into detail about what had us rushing to the pediatrician with his diaper in a plastic bag but let’s just say it was not nice. He’s still having some issues so the next step is for … Continue reading

Perfect Roasted Salmon

I love salmon. It’s just so yummy!! And I have cooked it a million different ways but this just might be my favorite because it is by far the easiest. You barely have to do a thing…I mean you don’t even have to preheat the oven. Perfect Salmon Any amount of salmon (as a general … Continue reading